Winter Can End Now

Okay.  Enough is enough.  It's the middle of March.  Go away, winter!

I'm in Minneapolis right now for my day job, and it's snowing like hell outside.  I know that I should be used to it since I live in Green Bay, but I'm not.  The sad part is that the forecast for Green Bay doesn't have near the amount of predicted snowfall as Minneapolis.

Snow sucks.


Why Macs Suck

I remember seeing this video a few years ago somewhere, but I lost it or something.  Now, thanks to the power and awe of Google Video, I can see it again:

Why Macs Suck

You idiot! You own a Macintosh! The file is fucking gone!

Loving Monday...

Not sure why or how, but today turned out to be a good day.  Spent some good quality time with the boys, and I know more than ever how much they love me.

Elisha Cuthbert is back on 24.  She's gotta be in my top 5 list of beautiful women.  Say what you will about her previous performances on 24, but the hell with it.  Funny, I'm strangely addicted to 24.  I've watched all of the seasons thusfar, and although my interest has waned a bit, I can't stop watching.

Not that I'd want to, now that Ms. Cuthbert has returned.  Hey you, snickering in the back - bag it!  I'm single and I can look at a pretty woman if I want. Grrr.

Found some more solutions providers for dbgHosting.  Should be ready to launch shortly... well, officially anyways.  I've already got a handful of clients who trust me.

Speaking of which, why aren't I hosting YOUR site?  :)


Early as Hell...

Firstly, yes, I  know some shit is broken here.  Deal.

Secondly, check out this vid on Google Video.  It's hilarious, and the blonde on the right looks pretty hot, too:

Version 5

Note: the links to the different versions have been removed, because I’ve imported them all. That’s right, you suckers didn’t even know I did that, did you??

Woo hoo! The latest version of is here!

Okay, so it’s missing a few things.  To make up for it, I recovered a bunch of older posts from the older sites and even the site.

Version 4 of [2005 - 2006] Version 3 of [2000 - 2005]

There were a few other versions and revisions, but trust me, they sucked.  No loss there.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to bring the content into the new Subtext powered site or not.  I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to do it, and all I managed to do was give myself a headache.

Anyway, now I feel a little better, since the site is now running from dbgHosting… much better to showcase your own company’s talents than somebody elses.