Daycare Parking

Okay, rant time.

In front of my daycare, there are four handicapped parking spaces, with two on either side of the main entrance.  Now that it’s getting colder, every day, almost without fail, at least one of those spots is filled by a empty, running car.  Somebody who’s dropping off their kids.

Now, I’ve been going to this place for over a year.. you get to know people.  I know who drives the car, and I know they’re not disabled.  Maybe the daycare shouldn’t have quite as many disabled parking spaces, but that doesn’t make those spaces become disabled and 5-minute loading/unloading, either.

Park in the regular parking spots, jerks.  It’s not going to kill you to walk the extra 15 feet… and that applies to the cute women who do it because they figure that nobody will yell at them.  I suggest voluntary compliance, otherwise I’ll make a new rule that the cuter the women are, the farther away they have to park.

Which then means that all the single guys can watch them walk in.  Hey, don’t judge me!

Changing Jobs

After five and a half years working for Associated Bank, it feels like it is time for a change.  I have decided to take a position with Tushaus Computer Services, working as a consultant geared primarily towards enterprise design and engineer services.

It’s always hard to leave an employer, especially after being there for so long.  There are many, many great people who work there, and after you leave a place, it never quite feels the same.  There have been lots of great changes at the bank, and a few not-so-great changes, but all in all it was a good place to work.  The friendships alone that I take away with me are more than worth it.

So, I’m pretty excited about the new job.  I’ll be starting in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to the challenges it will bring.  I still plan to be staying in Green Bay, as the kids really like their schools.

If you haven’t already gotten the details on the going-away party on Friday and wish to attend, let me know…

Stupid Wasps

So I brought the boys home this evening and noticed a dark spot on the mini-blinds.  A closer inspection revealed it was a wasp, although a fairly tranquil one.

I went to get a flyswatter to take care of the intruder, but when I returned, I saw two dark spots.  Bugger.  Before I could act, the second dark spot hid behind the blinds.

So I smacked the first one, and when he hit the floor, I saw another one buzzing around under the end table.  So I killed that one too, then finished off the first one I smacked.  Then I decided to go after the second one I saw on the mini-blinds.  I opened the blinds and smacked that one, which totaled three.

I saw another one crawling on the floor and killed it.  Four.

Then I saw two up on the window sill, each curled into a ball.  I knocked each of them down onto the floor and whacked them too.  Five.  Six.

Then I saw another one taking a nap on the telephone adapter in the corner.  Smack!  Seven.

I thought I was done, but saw one more going for a stroll on the window itself, so I killed that jackass too.  Eight.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  What the hell were eight wasps doing in my house, and how in the hell did they get in?  I hate wasps, and I hate how stupid they get in October.


Around 3:30 this morning, Toliver woke up barking like a seal... the sure sign of croup.

Poor Toli has suffered from respiratory ailments since he was born, basically.  When he was little, he had two trips to the hospital for RSV, one only two months after he was born, and then again in August 2005.

Ever since then, he gets croup at least once or twice a year.  Usually it's at night, which always makes for a fun evening.  Unfortunately, it also is "provoked or worsened by agitation or crying", which pretty much describes a pissed off kid at 3 in the morning who can't breathe.

Lucky for Toli, I'm a dad who comes prepared.  Due to the respiratory problems that both he and Carter have had, I own a personal nebulizer kit.  Unlucky for Toli, all I have is albuterol, which isn't effective (epinephrine is probably the only thing that DOES work effectively, but has limited life.), so I used saline instead.  So, we spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom this morning attempting to get Toli's breathing under control.

If he's still having trouble in the morning, off to the doctor's office we go...

Foo Fighters and Three Days Grace

On Friday, August 29th, a bunch of us headed down to Milwaukee to see Foo Fighters and Three Days Grace play.  It was an awesome concert.

Parking was a small nightmare.   Thankfully Proton had the GPS unit that I won and he stole from me installed so we were able to navigate around.  We found some parking and walked through the park, down a steep hill, and then headed to the concert site.

We got there early enough that we had some extra time to kill before the gates opened up.  When we headed in, we each received a wristband that granted access to the 200 feet or so closest to the stage.

The best part of getting in was when Kris decided to smuggle in his camera.  Cameras were prohibited, so he “tucked it away” in an attempt to hold on to it.  The guards didn’t even bother to pat him down.

The show was great.  Unlike the great smuggler Kris, I did not have a camera, so I tried using the camera on my phone.  I’m sure you can guess how well most of those turned out, but I did have success on a few pictures, which I’ve uploaded here.  I tired taking a few videos but haven’t looked to see if any turned out.

It was a good pairing, they sounded great, and it ended up being a really good night.  Our parking issues from earlier worked out well, as we were able to hit the highway pretty quickly.  Special thanks to Proton for driving and to Kris for his valiant attempts at remote stalking!